Alemba - vFire Partitioning

All for one, one for all

If it works for you, ITIL work for everyone

A great Service Management solution should be shared with the entire business. vFire makes it simple.

The flexibility of the vFire software allows all lines of business to leverage the solution to control and monitor virtually any required business process workflow. With vFire, there's room at the table for all of your business units, including HR, Finance, Case Management and Facilities Management.

Success breeds success

How does it work?

Partitioning allows you to incorporate various business functions into your vFire Service Management system. vFire is a multi-tenanted, single application, which means that your various departments can use the same tool to separate workflows, configuration settings and data security requirements, while still being able to collaborate between business units when needed.

By partitioning, an organization using a single database server can benefit from:

  • simplified and centralized administration
  • a single consistent User and organizational listing
  • groups having independent types and/or escalation times
  • easy monitoring by senior management across support groups
  • consolidation of reporting
  • a smaller, partitioned Knowledge Bank, reducing the time spent looking through search results.

With vFire's Partitioning function, you can expand your Service Management processes into areas such as Facilities and HR Support as your organization grows. vFire's impressive scalability means that your system will evolve along with your business! By encouraging cross-organizational collaboration, vFire can help your business break down internal silos and achieve your shared business objectives.

“vFire helped us to partition our services across IT, HR and Finance. Some of the data we hold in HR around our staff and customers is sensitive, so we needed to be able to put some security on the information held in that partition. vFire could certainly help us do that!”

Lillee Craig, Business Analyst, London Borough of Haringey