Alemba - Introducing Nano

Introducing Nano

Arrive. Do. Leave.


Meet Nano, the brand new service desk and ticketing software from Alemba.


For analysts who occasionally need to log or manage calls or requests, Nano’s minimalist design means a first-time user of the system will find their way around with no difficulty.

No tricky navigation. All the action happens on a single screen.
Context-relevant information throughout. Nano’s pop-out info panels only display information appropriate to the task at hand.
Lookup-as-you-type. All input fields have smart incremental search functionality built-in.
Enjoy the simple bare necessities. Actions are cut back to the essentials. Most screens just have a Save and a Cancel button.
Click and drag Kanban view for managing calls and requests in progress.
Pop-out panel giving you easy visibility of SLM status and commitments

Who’s it for?

Nano is for analysts who:

  • Work with calls - creating, updating and closing calls
  • Work with requests - creating, updating, and completing requests
  • Work with tasks and approvals - updating and completing tasks and approvals
  • Send emails from calls, requests, or tasks
  • Manage their workload using the Outstanding windows
  • Review and edit Knowledge Articles, CMDB Items, and Person records

All browsers welcome

Nano is a sleek and efficient web browser interface built on a 100% HTML platform. You do not require any plug-ins of any kind and it can be run on any browser.

IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox