Alemba - 2020 Product Roadmap
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The below roadmap outlines planned features and updates in forthcoming Alemba Service Manager product releases. This list is continuously updated.

  • Ready to release   Ready for release
  • In development   In development
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Ready for release

Secure Attachments

  • Adds support for viewing documents stored in password protected zip files.
  • Users must provide the password before the file is opened.
  • The file is displayed in a secure document viewer and is not downloaded to the client computer.

Portal Multi Language v2, aka Babel fish mode

  • Portal users can already select their preferred language.
  • We now use Microsoft Translator (additional subscription required) to translate descriptions to and from the users chosen language.
  • Users will now be able to enter text in their own language.
  • Descriptions in the portal are translated to the users chosen language.
  • Outgoing emails are translated to the users chosen language.
  • Incoming emails are translated to English

Risk Calculator

  • The risk calculator can take an input of questions that output a weighted risk assessment to determine the risk evaluation.
  • Risk phases can be configured to determine the severity of risks against changes being scheduled.
  • Each risk status controls the severity that the risk can be assigned e.g. Low, Medium and High.
  • Operators can weight the risk statuses as to rankings based upon the input of questions and answers allocated within the risk calculator e.g. A score of 0 to 100 determines that the change risk is low impact but over 175 determines this is high risk.
  • You can then configure high level questions with multiple choice answers in order to determine the risk impact based upon the output

Blackberry UEM CMDB connector (alpha)

In development

Offshore Attachments

As part of dealing with customer issues and requests often screenshots or files that can contain personal data can by uploaded to the ASM system. To comply with EU GDPR Guidelines, Personal Data should not be made available to Analysts outside of the EU unless the Organisation that the Personal Data has come from has signed a Contractual Waiver allowing Analysts outside of the EU to be able to view.

Workflow Port via the web

The ability to import and export Workflows has been in product for a long time. We will be moving the functionality from the server console to the web based admin interface.

Extended Nano Permissions

Analysts in Nano can now be restricted to view only calls (and requests and tasks) that are assigned to or forwarded to them. This is intended to allow external Analysts to use Nano and to have a restricted view of the system.

Improved Call and Request Cloning in Core

Change Window Collision Detection

Portal Rich Text Editor

Portal Pack

Changes to the way the shopping cart works and various tweaks and improvements to the Portal.

Portal Redesign

  • Redesigned home screen - single centred column layout
  • "My Options" menu has been moved away from the side bar and turned into a more modern horizontal menu
  • Bulletin posts appear in a "hero" banner at the top of the home screen
  • New login screen
  • Global footer
  • More consistent and polished styling
  • We're also taking steps to look at responsiveness and accessibility

Language Admin v2

Improved support for managing languages and labels in ASM admin. Administrators will now be able to edit labels using the ASM admin screen instead of using import and export of language packs

New Android Mobile App

Azure DevOps connector v2

We will add support integration with Workflow


Collective Voting workflow

Approve a request based on weighted group of approvals. Each approver can be assigned a number of “votes” and the request will be approved when the configured threshold is met. Even if some approvers reject the request, it can still be approved by the group

Jira Connector v3

Automatic discovery of projects and work item types. Trigger updates etc based on a configurable criteria (like IPK Workflow rules)

vCenter CMDB Connector

SCCM/SCOM 2019 CMDB Connector

Microsoft Teams Connector

Exchange Web Services oAuth Support

Web Application Hardening

We will be reviewing web application security requirements and making changes to support increased security.

Web Hooks

Configure web service callbacks based on changes to any entity

Dameware connector

Add support for triggering remote control from ASM using Dameware

Cetero Asset Studio 1.6 CMDB Connector



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Liverpool City Council


Liverpool City Council is the governing body for the city of Liverpool in Merseyside, England. It consists of 90 councillors, three for each of the city's 30 wards.

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23 Mar 2020

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Coronavirus statement

20 Mar 2020

In these difficult times, Alemba will be ensuring its ability to support our customers, giving priority to those in Healthcare and Local Government and the organisations that support them.