Alemba - Facilities Service Request Management
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Alemba’s Facilities Management capabilities allow facilities managers to better manage resource utilization, cost control and evaluate the performance of facilities services.

Easy Request Fulfillment

Alemba Service Manager offers an online service catalog for managing:

  • Maintenance requests
  • Security and access requests
  • General facilities enquiries


An integrated knowledge base, populated with facilities information such as building plans, green policies, safety services, access service policies, etc.

The right information, in the right hands

Auto-routing of service requests to specialists based on facilities requests.

Quick solution templates

Quick solution templates allowing any repeatable and high volume facilities requests to be logged and closed rapidly by the support team.

Get mobile

A mobile interface, which allows facilities officers to update and check work assigned to them whilst in the field.

Metrics and reporting

Personal reports and dashboards for visualization – this allows facilities managers to understand the workload, volume of requests and resource utilization.

A unified platform

A single platform for consolidation – a single view into facilities operations means managers can track and report on KPIs and rapidly identify repeat issues and common trends.


  • Enhanced transparency and accountability for facilities services delivery
  • Faster service delivery
  • Track and measure performance and resource utilization through dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Reduced operational cost through automation



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13 Feb 2020

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